Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies


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巧克力粒曲奇 Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies



Tai Thong Chocolate Chips Butter Cookies

We are hand-made; besides the lovely shape and milky aroma, no colouring and flavouring are added, and it is more suitable for friends of different ages to taste.

  • 食材 Ingredients
    糖霜 | 黄油 | 面粉 | 杏仁粉 | 盐 | 芝士粉 | 巧克力粉 | 黑巧克力粒 | 白巧克力粒
    Icing Sugar | Butter | Flour | Almond Powder | Salt | Cheese Powder | Chocolate Powder | Dark Chocolate Chips | White Chocolate Chips
  • 只限西马 Only Available for West Malaysia


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