Premium Nutty Yee Sang


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丰盛坚果捞生 Premium Nutty Yee Sang


这营养丰富又健康的‘丰盛坚果捞生Premium Set’包括了6双环保材质耐用的筷子和12寸碟子,还有可爱小老虎红包封。

Tai Thong Premium Nutty Yee Sang

This nutritious and healthy nuts and seeds Premium Set includes 6 pairs of environmentally friendly and durable chopsticks and a 12-inch plate, and cute little tiger angpow packs.

  • 食材 Ingredients
    开心果 | 杏仁片 | 太阳花瓜子 | 腰果 | 南瓜子 | 瓜英丝 | 茶瓜丝 | 白姜丝 | 红姜丝 | 桔饼 | 荞头丝 | 薄脆 x2 | 葡萄干(黑) | 花生碎 | 芝麻碎 | 酸梅酱 | 胡椒粉 | 五香粉
    Pistachio | Almond Slice | Sunflower Seed | Cashew Nut | Pumpkin Seed | Papaya Slice | China Cucumber Slice | White Ginger Slice | Red Ginger Slice | Dry Lime Slice | Pickled Leek Slice | Bo Cui Cracker x2 | Raisin | Grinded Ground Nuts | Coarse Sesame | Ready Mixed Sauce | Pepper Powder | Herb Spices Powder
  • 只限西马 Only Available for West Malaysia


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