[NEW] Momoyama Pure Lotus Mooncake


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烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)


搭上莲蓉馅, 口感细腻轻盈, 带出了经典滋味。

Tai Thong Momoyama Pure Lotus Mooncake

Momoyama skin is made of white kidney beans with high nutritional value and nutrient content, and is blended with egg yolk, milk & cream.
With lotus seed paste filling, the taste is delicate and light, bringing out the taste of classic.
It can be served in room temperature and even tastier when it is CHILLED!

  • 烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)
  • Only Available for West Malaysia


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