Mooncakes Combo B

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4-in-1 Mooncake Gift Box

大同超值优惠 – Combo B

  • 双黄莲蓉 Lotus Double Yolk
  • 伍仁赏品 Assorted Fruits and Nuts
  • 桃山皮绿茶红豆粒粒 Momoyama Green Tea with Red Bean
  • 翡翠奶皇 Jade Custard

*随机赠送一个精美盒子 Random box design will be given for every purchase

  • 烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake
  • 4-in-1 Mooncake Gift Box
  • Only Available for West Malaysia

11 reviews for Mooncakes Combo B

  1. Yap Ching peng


  2. Steven Lee


  3. Song Yik Chyi


  4. ju ne


  5. Olivia

    Haven try

  6. june


  7. june


  8. Suzanne NG


  9. Suzanne NG


  10. Suzanne NG

    Very good

  11. vincent woon


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