Snow Skin Musang King Mooncake – 1 Set 6 Pcs [Klang Valley Only]

冰皮月饼 Snow Skin Mooncake 85gm per pc


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冰冷Q软的外皮搭配上纯正的猫山皇果肉, 冷冻后吃起来就像榴莲雪糕!解冻后吃,满满厚实的猫山皇果肉,口感绵密,瞬间爆发!

Tai Thong Snow Skin Musang King Mooncake

Mooncake skin that is soft and chewy with pure Musang King durian pulp. Consumed right after frozen, it tastes like durian ice cream. If consumed after thawing, you will taste the pure and dense texture of durian pulp. The freshness of Musang King durian pulp burst out instantly to give you the ultimate sensory experience.


How to enjoy Tai Thong Snow Skin Mooncakes
Snow Skin Mooncakes must be refrigerated. They are typically thawed for a few hours in a refrigerator before serving, to allow them to soften. Thawed mooncakes should be consumed within 2 hours. Refreezing is not advised.

  • 冰皮月饼 Snow Skin Mooncake (85gm)
  • 1盒6粒装 1 Set 6 Pcs
  • Only available for designated Klang Valley area

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