Chinese are familiar with the message that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a first step. Tai Thong’s first step into the world of mooncakes began in 1985 with the pivotal mission to produce the best mooncakes by Malaysian and for Malaysians.

Under the inspirational role of Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung in creating and developing the range, Tai Thong with sales of over 100 millions of mooncakes worldwide since then, have made great achievements notably;

  • Pioneer of Snow Skin Mooncakes in 2003.

  • Industry award 2006 for producing the purest lotus paste mooncake.

  • Pioneer in producing the flagship Imperial Musang King Royale mooncake in 2013.

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These achievements were only be made possible through the trust and support of customers, suppliers, staffs, and the management team. Though Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung passed on in 2020, he left behind a cherished legacy of tasteful delights and including a team of highly trained chefs to continue with the company’s mission.

Year 2021 provides a unique challenge to the team of chefs because the economy is faltering under the weight of covid-19 pressure. Creativity and innovation in the entire value chain would be the critical focus; product quality & range, new ingredients, product & packaging design, services, digitalization of sales & marketing. These have become the real test to the team to bring enthusiasm to a market that is waiting for an external force or occasion to move it forward. For Tai Thong, the challenges for year 2021 cannot be any stronger. Its firm commitment to stay as pioneer of mooncakes and vanguard of Chinese traditions remain steadfast and unwavering.

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