Assorted Fruits and Nuts Mooncake

烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)


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Tai Thong Assorted Fruits and Nuts Mooncake

The filling is made of crispy almonds, walnuts, sesame seeds, melon seeds, etc., mixed with a variety of fruit and nut ingredients, bringing out multiple tastes and flavours.

  • 烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)
  • Only Available for West Malaysia

1 review for Assorted Fruits and Nuts Mooncake

  1. Roger

    A perfectly balanced textured mooncake, with very fresh ingredients used.
    I detected no unpleasant after taste, making it one of the best assorted fruits and nuts I have tasted. But it doesn’t stop there, the Tai Thong Snow Skin Chocolate Truffle Series adds a new dimension to the traditional mooncake making it one of the most pleasant experiences of enjoying a great product.
    I have no hesitation in recommending this to any of my friends and family.

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