Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake

烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)


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味道纯正的莲蓉馅除糖、油脂外, 60%使用莲子,甜而不腻, 再配上咸蛋黄,咸甜口感不纠结。双黄单黄任君选择。

Tai Thong Lotus Single Yolk Mooncake

With thin skin and more fillings, the lotus seed paste filling has a delicate texture which is sweet but not oily, and perfectly matched with salted egg yolk. Double yolk or single yolk? Your choice!

  • 烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)
  • Only Available for West Malaysia
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