(NEW) Momoyama Jasmine Custard

烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)


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Tai Thong Momoyama Jasmine Custard Mooncake

Momoyama skin is made of white kidney beans with high nutritional value and nutrient content, and is blended with egg yolk, milk & cream. The jasmine-flavoured mooncake filling has a fresh smell, which not only retains the fragrance of jasmine but also “a hint of honey fragrance”. It is paired with the rich milky and egg yolk flavoured custard, also the black sesame seeds and melon seeds that for you to chew, which is full of fragrance!

  • 烧皮月饼 Baked Skin Mooncake (180gm)
  • Only Available for West Malaysia
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